Tuesday, August 31, 2010


In case you hadn't heard:
We've got a li'l podcast thingy jumping off. 2 episodes up so far, catch up before we run outta virtual space and have to erase some! iPod ready and all. Subscribing SHOULD work, let us know if it's not...


THIS SUNDAY!!!! 511 W. Englewood in Chicago!!! INAUGURATION BASHMENT!!! C'mon by, bring a friend!!! ALL DAY EVENT!!!
Killa Shawn
Slymm (Peanut Gallery)
Thesselonious(Planetary Alignment/Big Yaahd Sound)
Rusty Redenbacher (MudKids/Tornado Alley)
& a few special surprise guests!!!!

If you can't make it out, check here : Thessel's Vessel On Ustream
We'll probably be there, too...!

See ya Sunday!!!
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