Saturday, March 27, 2010

We Stand...period.

NUE.YAAHD production....

3. 13. 2010 - at  Elastic Sound and Vision Gallery

Big Yaahd Sound and myself -Koren D. Madpeace  (NUE) collaborated to sponor "Preemptive Strike" a showcase of new music featuring Chicago artists :  DVS JacksonFeSoPhraim and Jura Shaheed with Rasheed Chappell (NJ) and DJ Bruce BlaQ (WI) on the wheels. We had a great time graced with such talent.

The focus of the event was the artists above so don't be shy... g'head, click.

Also,  we - meaning us, meaning all in attendance - contributed here >>> Haiti in support. Our continued attention to detail and duty is necessary, wherever it is needed.  THANKS!!!

post "Preemptive Strike"

Beat-ology: Phraim and DJ Bruce BlaQ

Check back and watch out now! for more From NUE.YAAHD, Big Yaahd Sound and New Urban Era.

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