Sunday, November 29, 2009


Full setup

"We artists are indestructable, even in a prison cell or a concentration camp I would be almighty in my own world of art. Even if I had to paint my pictures with my wet tongue on the dusty floor of my cell..."- Pablo Picasso

So, it's been pretty quiet around di Yaahd as of late, eh...? Well, big tings a gwan, people. Getting the music done, making the myths. One of my favorite forgotten elements of hip hop is DJing/beatsmithing. Whether making a track, or just spicing it up, the DJ/producer is an unsung hero of a lot of our favorite tunes. Sampling, as well, can be seen as an artform in and of itself. Not everyone can do it effectively, and some continue anyway. Speaking of, wanna hear the possibly most sampled 6 second drum break in the world?

(Just watch the first 2 minutes, see if you guessed right)
Now, I was gonna give y'all the movie 'Scratch' to watch, documentation of the art of turntablism. However, I thought this might've illustrated "Beat Digging" a li'l better...

Sometimes, I don't even do the beat for my stuff. I think it gives me better vision of where the song should go. Proving my point, here's a li'l single I put together. Nothing major, just a few songs of "Mixed Media On Silicone", my upcoming free release...
Pennies Single

"Pennies" produced by Midas Wells™
"LSD" produced by Midas Wells™
"Best Believe" produced by Midas Wells™

AND hot off the presses: My NEW instrumental joint, Lunar Sunrise

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Near Bethlehem - 2005

He is perhaps the most famous, or infamous, artist alive. To some a genius, to others a vandal. Always controversial, he inspires admiration and provokes outrage in equal measure...
Kissing Coppers, Brighton - 2005

Since Banksy made his name with his trademark stencil-style 'guerrilla' art in public spaces - on walls in London, Brighton, Bristol and even on the West Bank barrier separating Israelis and Palestinians -
- his works have sold for hundreds of thousands of pounds. He has dozens of celebrity collectors including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Christina Aguilera. He is also known for his headline-making stunts, such as leaving an inflatable doll dressed as a Guantanamo prisoner in Disneyland, California, and hanging a version of the Mona Lisa - but with a smiley face - in the Louvre, Paris.

BANKSY in Paris

Oops, WRONG Paris!!!
(these had remixed tracks by DangerMouse? WISH I could've gotten one. But, I'd have to have been buying a Paris Hilton CD...)

But perhaps his most provocative statement, and the one that generates the most publicity, is the fact that Banksy's true identity has always been a jealously guarded secret, known to only a handful of trusted friends. A network of myths has grown up around him. That his real name is Robin Banks. That he used to be a butcher. That his parents don't know what he does, believing him to be an unusually successful painter and decorator. Then there's the suggestion that Banksy is actually a collective of artists and doesn't exist at all...
9th Ward

BANKSY works the 9th Ward, New Orleans - August 2008

Such is the curiosity about Banksy that when the great man threw a pizza box into a bin in Los Angeles, the box resurfaced on auction site eBay, with the seller suggesting that the few anchovies left inside might yield traces of his DNA.
Not It
Not THIS one...

He is the Scarlet Pimpernel of modern art, so adept at leaving false trails that even his own agent has claimed that he is not certain of his identity. Indeed, trying to establish just who the elusive Banksy is has proved as difficult as predicting the location of his next work. His first official exhibition in New York, the "Village Pet Store And Charcoal Grill," opened October 5, 2008. The animatronic pets in the store window include a mother hen watching over her baby Chicken McNuggets as they peck at a barbecue sauce packet, and a rabbit putting makeup on in a mirror....

Go on, play it. You know you're curious...

(wanted you all to see the detail, that's why the pics are so big...)
Banksy signature

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


"Herbs pirate, dem take wey all dat I cultivate..." Keith Porter, 1978

The Itals 70s

SO, there's a NEXT part of that WONDERFUL Keith Porter interview on The Itals YouTube channel. If you don't remember the first 2 parts, check HERE. The history of this vocal harmony group dates back to the days before reggae music, when the founding members joined rocksteady groups like the Tenors. The Itals have been steadily releasing massive roots and culture chunes ever since. They've never really gotten their due, overshadowed by roots acts like Culture, The Mighty Diamonds, and The Wailing Souls. Brutal Out Deh -- released on Nighthawk Records in 1981, their first and often considered their best album -- is well-respected, but not particularly unique or exhilarating and will likely sound dull and pedestrian to newcomers to reggae. This is not the album to give to someone who thinks that all reggae is boring and sounds alike. Still, the more hardcore roots fans should find enough to satisfy, as heartfelt gems like "Herbs Pirate", "Smile Knotty Dread", and "Truth Must Reveal" give an impression of why The Itals have lasted as long as they have...

Check a full biography on the group HERE at Nighthawk Records...

Hear di man a chat bout how di lyrics fi "Herbs Pirate" a come about...

(Large Ups to @reggaevids, as always)

Follow di video producer, as well as the YouTube channel producer on Twitter...

Come by di YouTube, check di videos (MASSIVENESS). Subscribe fi info pon new ones...


Oh yeah, and...
legalize it

Monday, November 16, 2009


...Like Chicken!

SO, there's this movie I think you'll all get a huge kick out of, if you stay around long enough to watch it all. 'The Lunatic' was released in 1991 OR 1992, depending on the source you cite. The adventures of a Jamaican eccentric who converses with animals and a female tourist from Germany. Starring Paul Campbell,

and Julie T. Wallace.


"Filmed in Jamaica, 'The Lunatic' is the story of a village madman, Aloysious, who has the amazing ability to talk to anything, including trees, cows and cricket balls. Portrayed from a Jamaican prospective with an acute eye for the authentic dialect of the land. Aloysious meets Inga, a German nymphomaniac, who uses her 'pum pum power' to capture his heart." (via thing I don't understand is, why does NO review I found mention the great SERVICE JOHNSON(porn star much?), masterfully played by Carl T. Bradshaw?

From The Strong Hard Tree to Busher and his wife,
Busher and wife

a laught riot, start to finish. No subtitles for the uninitiated (sorry), but those who know, build up a king head spliff...

..and ENJOY

Friday, November 13, 2009


Rubberoom single

SO, who remembers RUBBEROOM? The Chicago rap unit Rubberoom formed in 1992, comprising MCs Meta Mo, S.P.O., and Lumba in tandem with producers Fanum, Isle of Weight, and Fill Spector. After building a fervent local following on the Windy City club circuit, they issued their debut EP, Gothic Architecture, in 1994; the 12" "Street Theme" followed in 1997, and two years later Rubberoom released the full-length Architechnology. Now, I'm not messing with the full length, you can cop that on Amazon (please do.) The EP however, was only on cassette. I met S.P.O. first, then bought it from Another Level @ Lit EX (MASSIVE UPS!!) This was raw, dusty groove shit here. Independent hip hop, Chicago style. Those who were there, those who weren't, listen and enjoy...

Gothic Arch Art

The Fanum Is Evil (intro)

Synapse Gap

High Noon

Body Snatch'n

AND Stacks Of 45's(which I know Mario and Tina would've KILLED me for not including)

And your friend and mine, DJ Shazam, has blessed us with another mix. One to, shall we say REMINISCE OVER????


Wednesday, November 11, 2009



So, if you DON't know who DJ Premier is, click HERE
No, seriously, click it again. Now for the rest of us who haven't been in a cave since 85 or so, Preemo is one of the most sought after beatsmiths in the world, (or, he was). Hell, the man was so dope, he made us buy "Group Home" albums! (Those cats were NOT raw lyricists, for the record) He gave Gangstarr their signature sound, as well as working throughout the 90s as producer for KRS One, M.O.P., Das Efx, and too many others to name. Known for fiercely protecting his sample sources, Preemo is a heavy hitting pick for those tracking down originals on vinyl. Here, for you, I've got a 3 part mix of just that: DJ Premier originals. Gifted to me by DJ Shazam, here's 47 minutes (almost!) of some of the skeletal framework to a few favorites....




AND as a bonus, I've received permission from DJ Shazam to bless y'all with a li'l something hot off his presses:


20 minutes of hip hop, and we only asking that you pay... ATTENTION!!!

Follow DJ Shazam on Twitter if you aren't already, or check his blog....



So, man been pon likkle vacation. While I was moving, chat wit di man Midas Wells, who tell me to bring you this. Well, actually, he just said the name "Jahdan Blakkamoore" to me and sent me to my own research.

Worked out better that way, cause now I'm excited enough to want the world to hear it. His mixtape, "Bazooka Shot" is just that. A pure fiyah lick!!! The album, Buzzrock Warrior is pretty wicked, too. He's been around, though. Putting in work since the early 90's, Jahdan was first heard with Boot Camp Clik. To quote Gold Dust Media: "Jahdan Blakkamoore has been a member of the Boot Camp Clik since early on in his career, making heavy noise with his verse on Smif N Wessun's classic "Sound Bwoy Bureill." So it's only right that he hooked up w/ Steele of Smiff N Wessun for a verse on the remix to "The General," the first single from his Buzzrock Warrior album. For more info, check out his crew at" Now I know most of y'all ain't clicking on all these links, so lemme get to the goodies. But first: Buzzrock Warrior was released on September 15th. You just might wanna pick that up. Real talk. Roots fans, dancehall fans, hip hop fans, likkle someting fi ALL...

Buzzrock Cover

Jahdan, Steele, Tek, and the band getting it IN!!!!

Two Generals building a sound...

Couple Sneak Previews:
Come With Me

She Said feat. 77Klash

Broken In Brooklyn

Rise Again feat.Abena Koomson

The General (Remix feat. General Steele)

Clickstravaganza, since I haven't been around...


Lick Shot

Friday, November 6, 2009


Smokin' Sensi Pon Di Skyline™
Irie Stylee Volume 1
M4a/Quicktime Format

Stay Tuned for:
Bashment Stylee Vol.1 (Dancehall)
Slackness Roots
Irie Stylee Vol.2
..and MORE!!! (always wanted to say that...)

"You heard it on the radio, you seen it on the TV show..."

Nuff Said


Thursday, November 5, 2009


Wasn't even gonna post til this evening, but a friend slid this preview mix across my radar...

"After many succesful 'Strange' series (remember those classic Strange Games and Things compilations?) it is about time BBE released a sequal to "Strange Breaks". The successor is called "Strange Breaks & Mr. Thing Vol. 2" and is set to release tomorrow as a digital release. For those who don't know...Mr. Thing scratches shit up like an angry hooker in a catfight. Eighteen of the best kept breaks are mixed together for your listening pleasure just to give you a taste. If you want to own each and every single one of these rarities, be sure to buy this sick ass compilation."

(via's review)

Here's the artwork:Strange Breaks cover

And HERE's the tracklisting...
Frank Pleyer Big Band-Sally
Dick Walter-Spooky Doo
Jake Wade & The Soul Searchers- Searching For Soul
Art & Ron- Can't Stop Talkin'
Kalyanji Anandji- Back Ground Music
Johnny Griffith Inc- Love Is Just A Word
Roy Head- She’S About A Mover
Ruby Andrews- You Made A Believer Out Of Me
Jerzy Milian Orkiestra- Gacek
Hot Butter & Soul- Abc
The Generation Gap- Family Affair
Oscar Harris & The Twinkle Stars- Twinkle Stars Boogaloo Moon River (Live)
The Rias Orchestra (Conducted By Helmuth Brandenburg)- Pru Urebu
Val Merrall's Orchestra- The Horse
Hot City Bump Band- It's Just Begun
The Alan Tew Orchestra- Pink Panther
Tinga Stewart- The Message
Eddie Simpson- Big Black Funky Slave

You can check out Moovment, the DJ behind this madness that made my morning, or check for more info on some great music you might have missed. For all you music headz, we've ALL got my mans @iamdvsj to thank for this one, so hit him up if you're on Twitter.

(thought I'd leave ya hanging?)


Week's almost done...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


SO, I've got a new painter I'm gonna introduce for "Big Ass Art Post #2, but it's not done yet. Instead, I bring you a laugh or to to help through the week.

Were this girl not with her parents, I'd adopt her...:

And THIS, somebody showed me last night, but it's funny anyways(N quite SFW):

"Yep, I said it before, and I'll say it again. Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop to look around every once in a while, you'll miss it..." Ferris Bueler

SMILE, PEOPLE!! More art soon...


Tuesday, November 3, 2009


For those who don't know who The Itals are, click here...
Now that that's out of the way, haffi show MUCH love and RASpect fi di one man ya call @reggaevids, who is helping keep culture alive by bringing them closer to us (@ least digitally anyways). He is the video producer behind THIS interview I want to share with you. Here's a li'l history lesson, class:

Part one...

of the interview, where he talks about having to ditch school to go record (ruffness!!!), to record the hit chune "Hitey Titey...

And part two:

in which... "Keith talks about writing and recording the roots reggae classic Ina Dis Ya Time in 1976 and about his creative process"(directly via A yo MakkaMon, a yu call out di shots dem, mi will lick dem...

Oh yeah, for more absolutely ESSENTIAL roots reggae videos, you might want to follow his

*By the way, ya boy is getting his HTML ON, ain't he...? ;)


No Sleep

So, I was reading this article the other day that said you can hack your brain into only sleeping 2 hours a day. Yeah, that's what I said too. Bullshit. And WHY would anybody wanna do that, anyway? Well, I've noticed a few of my compatriots burn the same midnight lamp I do. So, can we adjust our bodies to a schedule of only REM sleep? Should we? I'll include a link to the article too, because I thought LONG and hard on that one. You can't say it doesn't sound good. Or can you? Comments are open and welcome...

"5 ways to Hack Your Brain" via


Chicago, I'VE been waiting for this one. Never got to see Capleton live, but I'm going THIS time. Anthony B., Cocoa Tea, Jah Thunda ALL @ the Cubby Bear!!! Hopefully I'll see you there. Bring wraps, I'll have filler...

One Love Flyer

Monday, November 2, 2009


Drapetomaina is what I'm calling these songs that just HAD to get out. Not quite enough for an official EP, but didn't fit the album, either. This is me, produced by Midas Wells... Enjoy...

"Please Don't Cry" by P.Kaye

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Here's a sneak preview of the track listing...

1:Shark Wilson & The Basement Heaters – Make It Reggae
2:Yabby You- African Version
3:Yabby You- African Queen
4:Bob Marley & The Wailers - Love Wont Be Mine
5:Yellowman- Lost Mi Love
6:Michael Prophet- Never Fall In Love
7:The Main Attractions - Once Upon A Time
8:Buju Banton- Hold Me Tight
9:Anju Kumbz & Flourgon- Big Sound
10:Rub A Dub Riddim
11:Ritchie Spice- Di Plane Land
12:Fantan Mojah- Most High Jah
13:Ginjah- Never Lost My Way
14: Ganja Farmer Riddim
!5:Mad Scorpion- Love Meh Empress
16:Marlon Asha- Girl I Love You
17:Khari Obafemi- Marijuana
18:Marlon Asha- Ganja Planter
19:Josey Wales- It Haffi Bun
20:Tippa Irie- Mi Chronic
21:Junior Kelly- Blaze
22:Ritchie Spice- Folly Living
23:Chuck Fender- Cry For My People
24:Serengeti Riddim
25:Junior Cat- Naa Lef Mi Dawg
26:Perfect- Can I Get A Kiss
27:Sadiki- Feel Like A Fool
28:Leroy Smart- Miserable Woman
29:Freddie McGregor- How Could You Leave
30:Cornell Campbell- My Convesation
31:Beenie Man- Gal A Run Mi Down
32:Perfect- Love Has Found It's Way
33:Wayne Wonder- The Way I Am
34:Delroy Wilson- Consider Yourself
35:The Ethiopians- Woman Capture Man
36:Burning Spear- Door Peep
37:The Gladiators- Bongo Red
38:The Viceroys- We Must Unite
39:The Gladiators- Trials And Crosses
40:Joe White- Rudies Everywhere
41:*lost this one to the crates. don't remember WHAT it is*
42:Len Allen Jr. White Belly Rat
43:Alton Ellis- African Descendants
44:Jackie Mittoo- Hang 'Em High


Alright, haffi get a ting off mi chest. First of many, so get used to it. Man STILL a build pon di podcast ting, by di way. Getting the .jpeg together, printing di tracklisting. Haffi nice it up fi unu, sight...?

Soon come, Bless Up...

BIG ASS ART POST #1 (cont...)


Damn, I almost forgot to put the logo out there!!! Photoshoppers, something e-useful would be greatly appreciated...


Reach by El Kitch
("Reach" by EL KITCH TASSO, Germany 2001)
So, all day y'all probably thought I was done posting for a while, eh...? NOT SO!!! Went through a li'l visual art with my bro KREM, Mi Bruddah Krem
...who got me reminiscing on graffiti as an art form in general. In the 90's, we were both pretty well known for massacring trains, buses, walls, etc. Nacrobats crew (A in a Square) RAN the South Side of Chicago, beginning in 94 or so.
(see the Nacro symbol on the cover?)
We chilled:Session2, laughed:Plies, worked on logo designs:watching, and decided to give the first of many art shows...
("Temple" by CORAIL, Japan)
As usual around here, gonna share what I appreciate as well as original works. Here's just a li'l taste of why this can be called "ART":

Style Wars by Kasino
("Style Wars" by Kasino)

ECH piece2 1993
("ECH" by ECH and MEDIC, 1993)

4cans by Craola
("4 Cans" by CRAYOLA)

Train Cars Kwest
(Various Train Cars by KWEST)

All these were taken the book "Graffiti World" except the ECH and MEDIC piece. Feedback? Submissions for the next exhibit?

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