Friday, November 13, 2009


Rubberoom single

SO, who remembers RUBBEROOM? The Chicago rap unit Rubberoom formed in 1992, comprising MCs Meta Mo, S.P.O., and Lumba in tandem with producers Fanum, Isle of Weight, and Fill Spector. After building a fervent local following on the Windy City club circuit, they issued their debut EP, Gothic Architecture, in 1994; the 12" "Street Theme" followed in 1997, and two years later Rubberoom released the full-length Architechnology. Now, I'm not messing with the full length, you can cop that on Amazon (please do.) The EP however, was only on cassette. I met S.P.O. first, then bought it from Another Level @ Lit EX (MASSIVE UPS!!) This was raw, dusty groove shit here. Independent hip hop, Chicago style. Those who were there, those who weren't, listen and enjoy...

Gothic Arch Art

The Fanum Is Evil (intro)

Synapse Gap

High Noon

Body Snatch'n

AND Stacks Of 45's(which I know Mario and Tina would've KILLED me for not including)

And your friend and mine, DJ Shazam, has blessed us with another mix. One to, shall we say REMINISCE OVER????


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  1. P ... Big ups to yu for a job well done... Keep it going! Thxs RB


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