Sunday, November 29, 2009


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"We artists are indestructable, even in a prison cell or a concentration camp I would be almighty in my own world of art. Even if I had to paint my pictures with my wet tongue on the dusty floor of my cell..."- Pablo Picasso

So, it's been pretty quiet around di Yaahd as of late, eh...? Well, big tings a gwan, people. Getting the music done, making the myths. One of my favorite forgotten elements of hip hop is DJing/beatsmithing. Whether making a track, or just spicing it up, the DJ/producer is an unsung hero of a lot of our favorite tunes. Sampling, as well, can be seen as an artform in and of itself. Not everyone can do it effectively, and some continue anyway. Speaking of, wanna hear the possibly most sampled 6 second drum break in the world?

(Just watch the first 2 minutes, see if you guessed right)
Now, I was gonna give y'all the movie 'Scratch' to watch, documentation of the art of turntablism. However, I thought this might've illustrated "Beat Digging" a li'l better...

Sometimes, I don't even do the beat for my stuff. I think it gives me better vision of where the song should go. Proving my point, here's a li'l single I put together. Nothing major, just a few songs of "Mixed Media On Silicone", my upcoming free release...
Pennies Single

"Pennies" produced by Midas Wells™
"LSD" produced by Midas Wells™
"Best Believe" produced by Midas Wells™

AND hot off the presses: My NEW instrumental joint, Lunar Sunrise

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  1. Well... I think your wish was granted...
    For every girl....For every day... You won 1400 dollars on the casino boat...Sorry they didnt pay you in PENNIES.....LOL


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