Wednesday, November 11, 2009



So, man been pon likkle vacation. While I was moving, chat wit di man Midas Wells, who tell me to bring you this. Well, actually, he just said the name "Jahdan Blakkamoore" to me and sent me to my own research.

Worked out better that way, cause now I'm excited enough to want the world to hear it. His mixtape, "Bazooka Shot" is just that. A pure fiyah lick!!! The album, Buzzrock Warrior is pretty wicked, too. He's been around, though. Putting in work since the early 90's, Jahdan was first heard with Boot Camp Clik. To quote Gold Dust Media: "Jahdan Blakkamoore has been a member of the Boot Camp Clik since early on in his career, making heavy noise with his verse on Smif N Wessun's classic "Sound Bwoy Bureill." So it's only right that he hooked up w/ Steele of Smiff N Wessun for a verse on the remix to "The General," the first single from his Buzzrock Warrior album. For more info, check out his crew at" Now I know most of y'all ain't clicking on all these links, so lemme get to the goodies. But first: Buzzrock Warrior was released on September 15th. You just might wanna pick that up. Real talk. Roots fans, dancehall fans, hip hop fans, likkle someting fi ALL...

Buzzrock Cover

Jahdan, Steele, Tek, and the band getting it IN!!!!

Two Generals building a sound...

Couple Sneak Previews:
Come With Me

She Said feat. 77Klash

Broken In Brooklyn

Rise Again feat.Abena Koomson

The General (Remix feat. General Steele)

Clickstravaganza, since I haven't been around...


Lick Shot

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