Tuesday, November 3, 2009


For those who don't know who The Itals are, click here...
Now that that's out of the way, haffi show MUCH love and RASpect fi di one man ya call @reggaevids, who is helping keep culture alive by bringing them closer to us (@ least digitally anyways). He is the video producer behind THIS interview I want to share with you. Here's a li'l history lesson, class:

Part one...

of the interview, where he talks about having to ditch school to go record (ruffness!!!), to record the hit chune "Hitey Titey...

And part two:

in which... "Keith talks about writing and recording the roots reggae classic Ina Dis Ya Time in 1976 and about his creative process"(directly via reggaevids@twitter.com. A yo MakkaMon, a yu call out di shots dem, mi will lick dem...

Oh yeah, for more absolutely ESSENTIAL roots reggae videos, you might want to follow his

*By the way, ya boy is getting his HTML ON, ain't he...? ;)

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