Thursday, November 5, 2009


Wasn't even gonna post til this evening, but a friend slid this preview mix across my radar...

"After many succesful 'Strange' series (remember those classic Strange Games and Things compilations?) it is about time BBE released a sequal to "Strange Breaks". The successor is called "Strange Breaks & Mr. Thing Vol. 2" and is set to release tomorrow as a digital release. For those who don't know...Mr. Thing scratches shit up like an angry hooker in a catfight. Eighteen of the best kept breaks are mixed together for your listening pleasure just to give you a taste. If you want to own each and every single one of these rarities, be sure to buy this sick ass compilation."

(via's review)

Here's the artwork:Strange Breaks cover

And HERE's the tracklisting...
Frank Pleyer Big Band-Sally
Dick Walter-Spooky Doo
Jake Wade & The Soul Searchers- Searching For Soul
Art & Ron- Can't Stop Talkin'
Kalyanji Anandji- Back Ground Music
Johnny Griffith Inc- Love Is Just A Word
Roy Head- She’S About A Mover
Ruby Andrews- You Made A Believer Out Of Me
Jerzy Milian Orkiestra- Gacek
Hot Butter & Soul- Abc
The Generation Gap- Family Affair
Oscar Harris & The Twinkle Stars- Twinkle Stars Boogaloo Moon River (Live)
The Rias Orchestra (Conducted By Helmuth Brandenburg)- Pru Urebu
Val Merrall's Orchestra- The Horse
Hot City Bump Band- It's Just Begun
The Alan Tew Orchestra- Pink Panther
Tinga Stewart- The Message
Eddie Simpson- Big Black Funky Slave

You can check out Moovment, the DJ behind this madness that made my morning, or check for more info on some great music you might have missed. For all you music headz, we've ALL got my mans @iamdvsj to thank for this one, so hit him up if you're on Twitter.

(thought I'd leave ya hanging?)


Week's almost done...


  1. whap'n now guvnah.nex art ting dem soon come hear.BLESS.

  2. why man haffi tie up 'pon bed like chicken?!!!

  3. "no peace,no justice, no place to contemplate my shame!!I am the blithe and scourge of the jail house !!!I AM THE VENGEANCE OF THE POOR ASS PRISONER MAN!!!!!

  4. Upward blessings my youth. I man have business fe' go deal.Will link de'I SOON hear suh'.

  5. I have no idea what you guys are saying!
    Great music though!!


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