Wednesday, November 11, 2009



So, if you DON't know who DJ Premier is, click HERE
No, seriously, click it again. Now for the rest of us who haven't been in a cave since 85 or so, Preemo is one of the most sought after beatsmiths in the world, (or, he was). Hell, the man was so dope, he made us buy "Group Home" albums! (Those cats were NOT raw lyricists, for the record) He gave Gangstarr their signature sound, as well as working throughout the 90s as producer for KRS One, M.O.P., Das Efx, and too many others to name. Known for fiercely protecting his sample sources, Preemo is a heavy hitting pick for those tracking down originals on vinyl. Here, for you, I've got a 3 part mix of just that: DJ Premier originals. Gifted to me by DJ Shazam, here's 47 minutes (almost!) of some of the skeletal framework to a few favorites....




AND as a bonus, I've received permission from DJ Shazam to bless y'all with a li'l something hot off his presses:


20 minutes of hip hop, and we only asking that you pay... ATTENTION!!!

Follow DJ Shazam on Twitter if you aren't already, or check his blog....

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