Sunday, November 1, 2009


Reach by El Kitch
("Reach" by EL KITCH TASSO, Germany 2001)
So, all day y'all probably thought I was done posting for a while, eh...? NOT SO!!! Went through a li'l visual art with my bro KREM, Mi Bruddah Krem
...who got me reminiscing on graffiti as an art form in general. In the 90's, we were both pretty well known for massacring trains, buses, walls, etc. Nacrobats crew (A in a Square) RAN the South Side of Chicago, beginning in 94 or so.
(see the Nacro symbol on the cover?)
We chilled:Session2, laughed:Plies, worked on logo designs:watching, and decided to give the first of many art shows...
("Temple" by CORAIL, Japan)
As usual around here, gonna share what I appreciate as well as original works. Here's just a li'l taste of why this can be called "ART":

Style Wars by Kasino
("Style Wars" by Kasino)

ECH piece2 1993
("ECH" by ECH and MEDIC, 1993)

4cans by Craola
("4 Cans" by CRAYOLA)

Train Cars Kwest
(Various Train Cars by KWEST)

All these were taken the book "Graffiti World" except the ECH and MEDIC piece. Feedback? Submissions for the next exhibit?

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